BREAKING: Oasis is now called MIRAI

Hey guys,

I just got news that Oasis(Now CalledMirai“) is opening in 15-20 minutes. You will need your account key to get in go to to get in!


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Breaking News: Oasis.PS Will be OPEN for a public test TONIGHT

Post from Oasis




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CPEmu – A Next Generation Club Penguin Private Server

CPEmu – A Next Generation Club Penguin Private Server

In 2012, a Club Penguin Private Server by the name of CPEmulator was created. This CPPS had the goals of being very similar to Club Penguin — as “emulator” implies. The staff of this server took pride in providing the latest parties, items, and other content for their users to manipulate and play with, while still creating a stable, comfortable environment.
CPEmu is the successor of this server.
Created with the same ideas, principles, and supporters, CPEmu also works hard to create the best emulation experience possible. While we don’t offer headache-generating interfaces, we do offer the latest and greatest technology that Club Penguin provides. Features such as igloos, the latest parties, and the latest clothing set us apart from the others.
Welcome to CPEmu…A Better Club Penguin.
URLs: – Main Site – Play Page – Registration
~Cybium aka Phoenix


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Oasis-New Test Server

Hey guys TheGame here, today Oasis released a new “Test Server“. The Test Server is about new Oasis updates coming soon put it is released on the Test Server before it is released on Oasis and El Oasis.

OasisTS OasisTS2



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Oasis-New Updates

Hey guys TheGame here today Oasis released new updates! So here they are:

1st Update


New Command Bar Above The Play Page In Large Screen!

2nd Update


You Can Add Up To 500,000 Coins!

3rd Update:


New Command List!

4th Update: You Can Add Items and Furniture!

OasisScreen5 OasisScreen6


5th Update:


Join Rooms Without Typing “!JR” every time!








1st Update: New Feature Added To Bubble Color!(Bottom Bubble Color)

OasisScreen10 OasisScreen11

2nd Update: 


New Speed Bar! Normal To Teleport!

3rd Update:


New Transforming List!

That’s All For Now!


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Hey guys for all of you who knew hide and seek and LOVED IT(Like me) Say goodbye to it cause it is removed from the server…


That was the 1st update^ Second update is that private chat has been added to oasis.


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Oasis-Updates and Apply!(Post Below)

UPDATE: If you are trying to get on Oasis type in to get on. The homepage says “Oasis is currently undergoing some maintenance and we will be back in a few hours. For now, please be patient while the team fixes bugs and adds new things!”


——————————————POST BELOW————————————————-

Hey guys as you can see in the picture below Oasis has gone back to it’s old theme so we can play because they are still updating the new theme and oasis. Hide and Seek is not fixed as it is still being fixed right at this moment.

GdzY9mK (1)

Next here is an urgent message from Oasis:

“We are currently updating our site, so for now we have temporarily uploaded the old site so you guys can still play. Please note that some things on the game may not work. Expect Oasis to be back to normal tomorrow.” -Oasis



On Oasis sign into your manager to APPLY to be moderator! Good Luck!

Step 1:Screenshot_18

Step 2:Screenshot_19

Step 3:aPrOgQp


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Oasis-New Features and Fixed Bugs

Oasis will be back in a few hours!




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Oasis-Party Poll

Hey guys today I saw a new poll under the play page(click play then scroll down) about what party they should have next:




So go vote now!


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iRetroCP – A Brand new CPPS

THEGAME4748-Requested Shoutout to Chrisdog and Lolylol on Oasis.PS

I have been playing this really cool CPPS lately and I have to say personally, It`s growing larger nearly every week. The CPPS I am talking about is iRetroCP of Course. You Get to pick a parties and all sorts of neat stuff. First off, Let`s see a my quick type of the owners :D! Andy2217: He is the coder of this CPPS. Personally he is in my top 5 friends :D! I think he is Designer of it too, but I am not quite sure. The other owner is DLC14: He is a great Owner, and he is Moderating the CPPS almost EVERYDAY :D! Now Lets Get off with some pictures of this new astonishing CPPS, shall we “fancy talk”!

Choose a Party that fits your style!

They Have the parties Monsters,Marvel, Underwater Expeditions, and more/ect.

If You join today remember to get Andy`s Offical Item: Hawaiian Lei ID: 171!

OH YEA, I almost forgot to say Hello to the bot :D!



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