Custom Items

If you want to use these for your cpps comment below for permission and make designer on your CPPS. More items coming soon! If you want to make me owner on your CPPS too feel free to tell me on comments. 🙂


Made by TheGame4748:

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27 comments on “Custom Items
  1. reavencpps says:

    Ninja Oasis now known as Reaven.
    Can i use these??

  2. thereaven says:

    Can you upload theme to my web?

  3. gunnerban says:

    The guitar is awesome!

  4. MusicPerson says:

    All of the items r awesome! well, idk which one is the best

  5. beta says:

    These items are amazing!!! But what are the ids?

  6. reply says:

    how to make own IDS? i like all of them would you say the IDS?

  7. habit3 says:


    I really have my own cpps! Can i use it! cuase my team is really bad at drawing )_)

  8. kyle ian says:

    hi can i get a plasma laser please just to stop herbert and his bad stuffs

  9. ebkas says:

    I am going to make a CPPS ill tell you when i make it but ill make you an co owner! Ill post when my CPPS is ready!

  10. olivia says:

    how do you get them your awesome

  11. pincguz says:

    Wow!You must of put alot of wok in this!!Awsome job young sir!

  12. ChronosJake says:

    I will make you co-owner in my cpps

  13. Lily88 says:

    Does anyone know codes for Penguin Oasis (custom items)?

  14. Camika30 says:

    I have a question how to clear the cache using google chrome cause I cannot log in 😦 😦 😦 (If u know thanks) 🙂

    ~Camika30 🙂

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