CPPS History


iRath had created ICPv1. He had trouble with the commands and wasn’t very successful. It was still the first Cpps to open up to Private servers!

ICPv2: iRath created a new Cpps after called ICPv2 with actual commands! They weren’t the ones with !ai or !ac. They were old ones that very little Cpps’s used! They were hard to figure out but still cool!

ICPv3: People were thinking at the moment when will it come out! Luckily it came out in early July! The ICP team were so happy that this actually happened! But when I started playing Cpps’s was in December! That’s right! December. That was the time Penguin Safari came out! I want it back! But back to topic. ICPv3 then got a fake Cease and Desist which was a real sad moment for them! After ICPv3 it was terror! At around February hackers came into the picture! Oh man I was so upset knowing this had happened.

Penguin Safari: A really successful Cpps that came out in December or January! I thought oh my gosh! This was the best Cpps ever! I was so happy and sad at the same time! You wonder why? It was the first Cpps I played and I actually got the beta hat!

ICPPS: The one that was exactly like ICPv3! this Cpps was one with igloos working and furniture working! Like honestly I can’t believe it actually came out! Old ICPv3! ICPPS is sort of a copy version of ICPv3 which makes it awesome!

Penguin Elite: Hey guys! Something cool about Penguin Elite was that you could be any mascot out at the moment by typing !up then the name! I loved using that command! It worked on the ICPv3 commands and was really awesome! The owner for Penguin Elite is Cooldude170! It’s too bad that it is gone now! Oh well! There are other Cpps’s out there with mascots so you better check them out!

Hpps: Hpps is an awesome and custom cpps! There town is full of yummy treats and clocks! The color they used to open up Hpps was Green and Purple! That’s why the town has those colors only!

– CPPS Cheat Site


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