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Hey Guys!

Club Penguin has many different characters. You may or may not have heard of these characters before. If you haven’t or have only heard of a few, don’t worry, that’s why I’m here. In total there are 9 characters. They each have a different collectible background. Some have more than one. Some have special places they like to hang out and some have none. They all come at different times and they have never been out and about at the one same party before. There are some parties like the Penguin Play awards that there are lots of famous penguins out (Usually 2 or 3).

!up AA or Aunt Artic

Aunt Artic is a very well known penguin. She has her own column in the Penguin Times that you can check out by clicking the newspaper symbol at the top left hand corner of your Club Penguin screen. You can ask her questions and maybe even get published in the Penguin Times.

She only has had one background which you can get by meeting her. She loves heading over to the coffee shop to grab a quick cup of coffee and she also loves heading to the stage when the Penguin Play Awards are on to check out the buzz.

 !up Cadence

Cadence is a hip hop diva that brought the game Dance Contest. It is a loved mini game on the island were you get to show off your best moves to all your friends. Cadence comes out occasionally like during the Music Jam. She loves hanging out and busting some moves on the dance floor so you can usually catch her somewhere round the night club.

She has had two collectible background, a new one and an old one which is not available anymore. She also loves hanging out with Aunt Artic so be sure to look out for her too when cadence is around.

!up G or Gary

Gary is Club Penguins great inventor. He has invented many things, from the aqua grabber to the pizza tron 3000 and a bunch of cool other inventions. But a lot of penguins don’t know he works for the EPF (Elite Penguin Force). He works as a Gadget guy and creates lot of cool gadgets to help us along with our missions.

He has had two backgrounds. An old one (no longer available) and a new one! Gary usually comes to parties he helped with and will hang out in the room with his invention. For example, The festival of flight. Gary hung out on tallest mountain where his invention took you. He is loved and his inventions are awesome, but not all of them have worked, but still, he’s a lot of fun.

!up GB or G Billy

!up Franky

!up SB or Stompin Bob

!up PK or Petey K


Penguin Band is Club Penguins awesome band. They have brought us some awesome tunes. There are four of them in the group, Franky, Stompin Bob, G Billy and Petey K.

They have one background which you can get from all of the band members. There’s really two backgrounds but one is a really old one. They love to hang out together but can sometimes be split up. They can usually be found back stage or just jamming at the ice berg.

Well thats all the famous characters. Hope you enjoyed the guide so thank you.

!up RH or Rockhopper

Rockhopper is a famous penguin pirate. He sails the seven sea’s on his trusty vessel, The migrator. He has a trusty ship mate called Yarr, a red puffle. He comes about 4 or 5 times a year (Every 3 months or so) and brings lots of goodies from Rockhopper Island which you can purchase while you’re aboard the migrator when he is on the island.

He has had three backgrounds. His normal one, the overgrown ship one and an exclusive one that you could get if you where at Disney land when Rockhopper stopped off there. He loves stopping off at the pizza parlour to grab a quick snack and loves to just relax on his ship. There are many stories of Rockhopper. One of the most famous ones is possibly the story about the stowaway. The story is about a penguin who decides to hitch a ride on The Migrator to Rockhopper Island.

!up Rookie (some CPPS’S have him)

Rookie is the newest Club Penguin Character! He has been on the island for a couple of years but never actually appeared until the April Fools Party in 2011.

He is Club Penguin’s Clown, always messing up stuff. He always wears his red propeller cap, red glasses and red Hawaiian t-shirt. He only has one background and you can get it when he’s online. You can usually find him in the box dimension!

!up Sensei

Sensei is the master of card jitsu. He built his own dojo and trains all the penguins in the art today. He comes out very rarely but when he does the island goes into craze mode. He is fun and also kind of crazy, don’t tell him I said that. But he is also loved by all his students.

He has three outfits and maybe soon four but for now three. He has only had 1 background. He loves just relaxing and sipping tea at the dojo and he also likes to help the ninja’s train in the ninja hideout, fire dojo and water dojo. Sensei is loved and is fun and he is definitely my favourite character. THANK YOU SENSEI FOR CARD JITSU!

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