I’m proud to present you a brand new, awesome project called myCP.PS! As many of you may have guessed, it has a lot to do with the takeover of, and to be honest, you were right!

To be accurate, it’s basically the same, but better in many, many aspects! Currently myCP.PS is still in the middle of being developed, but we have decided to launch it earlier to satisfy those crying about CPPSHost being gone.

Beside the most memorable domain that any CPPS ever had, it’s packed with awesome features waiting to be explored!

Currently, there’s no limit for free users, enjoy it while it lasts! You can also find more information about the project on its website.


Link: Homepage

UPDATE: The registration problems have now been fixed, sign up create your own CPPS today!

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9 comments on “myCP.PS
  1. gamefinderx says:

    there’s no contact page, so i found this. On my CPPS (SnowCp), I am not the admin and I MADE it. :/

  2. Hazie says:

    How do you create a CPPS on it?


  3. Angel says:

    How to add a command? on my own cpps?

  4. gfbd says:

    wate foc
    wat’tha rads :@

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