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Getting Ready for iOS 8: How to backup your device and set up the new iPhone & iPad OS

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Hey guys please vote at CppsHQ

“Vote for Mirai! If Mirai wins, we will give out a 40,000 credits to each user!” -Mirai Staff


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Flippr Project #1 (myCP.PS Based)

Hello Everyone, I am Back and Better than Ever ;D.

I am very sorry for my absence as a Inactive Administrator, and Now I am beginning to see new people supporting TGCC everyday now. That just made me so happy, that is why I am bringing you this HTML script that allows you to teleport to any myCP.PS Server :D, Isn`t that just fantastic? Well anyways here is a preview of what I made:

Preview (IMAGE)

Preview (IMAGE)

Now If You wanna see it to believe it, be my guess, You can Also Download it to put it on your website :D, Dang, This is just getting better and Better :D, Well Have fun Playing with it.

Waddle On,


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My New Project

Hey guys, it’s iSwirlX again!

I have been working on this project for a very long time. It’s a CPPS Bot Maker called “CPPSBotify“. The site is already up and running. I worked VERY hard on it. Everything’s coded by me, so check it out:

Homepage | Download

I know,  that the bot maker isn’t yet on. We’re still beta testing it. I’m going to release it around 1st of December 2013!

So stay tuned,


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UltimatePenguinV4 Goes Down!

Hello, it’s SwirlX again!

I was browsing around on the web, when I found that UltimatePenguinV4 is down, so I wanted to post this with you guys.

Well here’s what the site says:

This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

Well that’s all for now!

Keep calm,



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Mirai-Purchase Credits

Hey guys, Yesterday, Tybone said you can buy credits! To buy credits go to Panel then click Purchase Credits choose any amount 15,000($s), 40,000($7), or 85,000($10) it’s a good deal to get 85,000 for $10. Once you have brought the credits you will get an e-mail of your code.(Check your junk folder if you don’t see it in your inbox, if it’s not there message tybone or email Mirai support with your email so they can manually give you the code). Once you have received your code click Redeem code and paste your code into the pop up box on the same page.

MiraiHT1 MiraiHT2 MiraiHT3 MiraiHT4 MiraiHT5


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New author – iSwirlX

Hey there,

My name’s iSwirlX, a new author of  TheGamesCPPSCheats.

Here’s a little about me:

When I’m not on the computer, I usually am out with friends, play basketball, ride a bike, etc.
I’ve joined TheGamesCPPSCheats for a reason.
I wanna  help with other authors give you more information about the CPPSes.
Well it’s time to say goodbye, I’ll see you in my other posts,

Keep calm,


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Mirai-New Game Server

Hey guys,

Today when I logged into Mirai I saw a new gaming server. It’s called “Snowball Server


Post from Mirai staff:


A new server has been added to Mirai, the Snowball Server! The Snowball server is a game server, like the old Hide & Seek server Oasis used to have. When you login to the server, you will see a green health bar, like so:


By default, you have 100 health points. This can be increased by purchasing health packs in the Snowball store, up to a maximum of 500 health points. Your health will replenish to its full amount every time you login to the server.

The goal of the game is to ‘kill’ other players with snowballs (don’t worry, there’s no blood!). There are 4 different types of snowballs you can use, each inflicting a different amount of damage. The snowballs you can use and the damage they do are as follows:

  • Default (gray): 5 points of damage
  • White: 7 points of damage
  • Yellow: 10 points of damage
  • Red: 15 points of damage

To select a different snowball, simply click on the snowball icon in the chat bar and select the snowball you wish to use. Each snowball comes with ammo. Default snowballs have unlimited ammo, and are free to use. Ammo for the other snowballs must be purchased with credits, and are limited in use. Ammo can be purchased in the credit store along with health packs, but be aware that the amount of ammo you have for a snowball decreases every time you use that snowball. So, if you purchase 50 red snowballs and throw 10 of them, you will have 40 of them. Also, if you have 50 red snowballs, use 10, then log out and back in, you will still have 40 snowballs, not 50.

The server uses special forest rooms instead of the normal rooms on the main server. There is also a map to help you navigate through these rooms. There are a few places to hide in these rooms, so use them to your advantage. Every time you load the server, you will be in the main room, or safe zone. No one can be killed in this room. In any other room, you are vulnerable to attack.

If someone kills you on the server, your penguin will fall over and the screen will turn gray, with a message saying “Game over” along with the name of the person who killed you:

Screenshot at Nov 10 03-42-22

You can earn credits on this server. You receive 10 credits per 20 points of damage you inflict. You receive your credits every time you relog.


Lastly, remember that Mirai is still in beta testing, and since this is a new server, there may be a few bugs. If you find any, leave a comment below!


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Mirai-Key Code Error

Hey guys,

Here’s a message from Oasis(Mirai);

Unfortunately there was a glitch causing ~5000 keys to not be added to our list. That’s a small number but it is clearly affecting many of the users. Please private message us your key so we can manually add it. Also, refrain from yelling in the comments about it not working. We already stated this was a test run and that you SHOULD and WILL find bugs and not everything will work. Also, do not complain on the xat chat either. You may also PC an owner with your key to have it fixed on the chat. -Oasis(Mirai)

Please e-mail or message the owners(Chai or Tybone) your key so you can be able to transfer your items to your account.

If you need help with anything related to Mirai, feel free to send in a support ticket at


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